Sunday, October 21, 2012

I finished my book today.

I have a long way to go for publication, I know.

I have a ton of edits to make, darlings to kill, holes to iron out.

I have many letters to write, rejections to receive, conversations to hold.

But, it's got an ending. The last chapter is written. I've never made it this far, but I feel elated. I've been considering this book for so many years--perhaps even since 8th grade. I've been doodling about this book since I remember pretending to take notes in my classes.

DONE! My book is done, and it feels good. I've written two unfinished novels before this. One was 60k, the other 40k before I decided that I couldn't go on. These first two experiences taught me how to write, how to plan, how to evolve plots and build characters. They were not failures, but learning experiences.

Today, I completed my life's dream (so far). I finished an entire book. 85k words, which is like 330 or so pages. Now, onward! To editing! To agent-searching! To publication!

It will happen! Not because I believe or because I'm the most motivated person alive (even though I feel I am right now!), but because I feel like my novel is great! I believe it will sell because it is great and it targets a wide audience.

Anyway, that's it. Just a quick post to signify that I have accomplished a life's dream.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Spark That Started The Idea For The Novel: in dream, art, poem, and song

The idea for my novel began with a dream. In it, I saw a face—half alien, orange skin, and a large two-sectioned eye on the side of a half-oval head. The creature was flat.
Flat on the wall. I was walking down a dusty temple—possibly the inside of a pyramid. There were hieroglyphs on the walls. There were paintings of these alien creatures in poses that you might expect Egyptian art to display. A leg in the air; both arms outstretched.