Monday, February 10, 2014

It Surrounds And Binds Us All, a poem by Harrison Aye

The Poem:
it's the rift from which you came,
it surrounds and binds us all,
it's a drink from the plainer cup,
it's embodied ecstasy.

it's the bridge from which you came,
it surrounds and binds us all,
it's the taste of sweat and soil,
it has the air of ecstasy.

This was a poem I wrote a long time ago while getting over someone I loved. I won't say that I still feel the same way as when I wrote it, but I came upon the recorded sung version and decided to make a video out of it. It obviously compares the essence of life to that of love, the similarities and differences. The shared experiences. The way that love and create life, and life creates love.

I always loved the phrase, "it surrounds and binds us all." It's sort of a force/power/magical thought, but also very down to earth. Love is everywhere; life is everywhere.

I, Harrison Aye, performed all of the instruments. I recorded, sang, wrote the poem, and recorded the accompanying video.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Harry Potter should have married Hermione Granger

Recent news outlets report that J. K. Rowling is having a few regrets about who-ended-up-with-who. They’re saying that she said that Harry and Hermione should have gotten married, not Hermione and Ron.

I agree, but before I explain why, I should say why I think that J. K. initially chose to join Weasley to Granger. The reason is simple: By marrying Harry to Ginny and Hermione to Ron, Ron became Harry’s brother-in-law and Hermione, his sister-in-law. Also, the rest of the Weasleys, including his new go-to mom Molly, became Harry and Hermione’s in-law family. It was a clean ending, and it gave Harry what he wanted most: family (remember, that is what he saw in the mirror!). 

But, no. Ron and Hermione would have gotten divorced with a few years.

Hermione is a tortoise. Slow and steady. Her decision-making is about well thought out plans using wisdom and logic.

Ron is a jackhammer. Rash. Emotion-based decision-making, rather than logical. He is stubborn. Passive-aggressive.

It would have been a hard marriage with that sort of mix. They had plenty of communication issues throughout, and they would have had more during their marriage.

Harry, on the other hand, is not quite so emotionally charged in his decisions. He leans to emotional, but not in such an extreme as Ron. He’s more of a mix of logic-vs-emotion, imo. Regardless, he was always willing to, at least, listen to Hermione. Ron was far more rash.

the basilisk

Also, Ron, let’s be honest, never seemed all that attracted to Hermione. Other than that one forced moment when he says she has nice skin, Ron pretty much friend-zoned Hermione. He didn’t ask her out to the dance. He didn’t snog her when he could have. Hermione seemed interested, but not him, not until she had a scary experience in the Chamber of Secrets… almost like Ron wouldn’t kiss her unless it was in a Chamber of what he wanted to keep Secret.

Harry, I think he could have been attracted to Hermione, if J. K. had wanted to swing the story that way. Honest truth, I think Harry should have ended up with Luna Lovegood. I really think that he bonded with her weirdness, her understanding of life-and-death, her observations of the world. Ginny started timid, and I don’t feel like Harry would have been attracted to that. She became a little bossy, and I don’t feel like he would have liked that, either. However, I have to give the actress that played Ginny props, she was very good at building tension in the scenes she was in with Harry.  

the end

I just watched the Half-Blood Prince the other day. Harry and Hermione are looking out of the tower. Romantic. They even held hands for a bit.

Ron was sitting off on the stairs.