Thursday, May 15, 2014

Why I Stopped Reading Your SP Novel’s Advertisement

“Writers who believe in supporting Writers” is a Facebook group I’ve joined, just because I’m interested in seeing how people go about marketing their self-published work. I like clicking through the links, seeing what others are doing with their blogs, and what sort of concepts people write about. I also judge. Not harshly, but for the purposes of learning.

One trend I’ve noticed people doing is beginning advertisements with something like:

The Best Things in Life Sometimes Really Are Free!

Now Reduced to 99 Cents!


So they begin with the cheap price, and then go into their cover pitch, but by then I’m already lost. You see, the price doesn’t matter to me. Ten times a dollar is still cheap entertainment (that's $10), and I can get almost any book I want in paperback for that amount. Ten is not much more than a buck.

What I don't have to waste is time. Nobody buys a book because it's cheap; people buy books because it interests them! I would pay 50 bucks if the book sounded interesting enough, so when I see an advertisement starting with the price I am already lost. Almost every self-published book usually drops to 99 cents, so my time is already being wasted by hearing it from you in your ad.

It seems like more people try to sell their self-published work by calling it cheap rather than pitching me on the actual story. That bugs me. Sell me on the book, not on the price. Tell us why your book is unique and interesting rather than beg and plead for someone, anyone to buy it.

Monday, May 5, 2014

#amwriting Pixelic

So, I’m setting aside The Unraveler for a few weeks. I just completed a major draft, and I need some time to get away from it all and refresh before delving back into the editing process. I have a few people reading it, so hopefully I’ll get some new feedback, too!

But I have other things to work on. Now, I #amwriting a few separate things:

First, I’ve been working on the first 3 chapters of the sequel book to The Unraveler. I am not planning on writing that entire book until I’ve sold the first, but I wanted to have the first few chapters done so that way I can add a preview chapter if my publisher desires it, and also so that way I know what direction I’m headed in if a sequel is greenlit. The Unraveler stands alone as a book, but I’d love to continue writing in that world if I can find an audience for it.

That said, I’ve been working on a series plan (in the case that sales allow me to continue it into a series) and a marketing plan with all of my specific ideas for how to move books. I’ve been doing a ton of research trying to figure out my market. I also have created a few unique and cheap strategies that I hope will set me apart. I’ve heard that agents often ask for marketing plans when taking on new clients, so I want to be prepared. I aim to impress!

The other awesome thing I’m working on is a new, new book. The title is…

(just a quick logo I cooked up for fun)

Pixelic is going to be about a superfamous all-girl rockband that is constantly running (touring) away from a spinster with the face of death and wooden hands. Well, one day, the guitarist for Pixelic quits, and they are forced to throw an unlikely fanboy named Wrobel (just a dude with a guitar that works at a crappy café) onto stage. His world changes forever as he learns the secrets to why Pixelic can do things with their music and lightshow that no other band has done before and why the tour never stops…

I just wrote that blurb in the last five minutes, so it’s not refined and glossy-perfect yet… but I wanted to say what I’m working on anyway. Pixelic is a book I’m excited to do because I used to play in local bands. I love using poetry and insane visuals, and that is what my new book is at its core. Also, the monster I’ve created for it is one of the best I’ve ever dreamed up. No joke.

I’ve also accidentally been writing short stories and poetry. Not because I set out to, but because ideas have popped into my head and screamed at me to write them. I really should try and submit some to online magazines or something. I’m not huge into short stories, personally. I enjoy reading big thick books more than shorts. I’ve thought about writing an Unraveler prequel story to post to my blog and draw interest… but I feel like I’d never be able to write a prequel that would be as good as the actual full-length book. I don’t know.

Anyway, that’s it for what I #amwriting (which is an awesome tag to use on twitter, btw). Thanks for keeping up with me! Hit me up on twitter! @Oxyborb