Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Revamping my Blog, Random Facts About Me, and the Liebster Hipster

Aspiring writers are told over and over, "Build a platform." Create a web presence as soon as possible, because that will increase your value as an author. The more networked you are, the more books you can sell. That's what they say.

In that spirit, my personal writing update has a lot to do with my recently reworked websites. I am currently working on 4 different blogs, and a huge goal I had for June was to streamline the look and functionality. I figured my experience might make for a fun useful blogpost, reciting three tips I picked up along the way.

Use a blog post instead of a page for your welcome site.

The reason for this is statistical. Blogger tracks the number of pageviews you get on blog posts. My "welcome" site is actually just a normal post. (see it here) I've linked my URL to it, http://www.harrisonaye.com, and it directs to that page. This allows me to keep statistics such as how many people have ventured to my site, and also how. In the statistic page, you can see what the sources for the clickthrough are. If you do other things on the web to promote yourself (like me), you'll be able to see the size of the benefit you're getting for the work you put into it. For instance, my Tumblr page brought me 20 clicks yesterday. Making Tumblr posts is easy, since I'm using it to host sketches I make. 20 clicks is worth making a new post on Tumblr. Whatever you do besides blogging online, it's always good to know what kind of redirection you're scoring while aiming at your homepage.

Streamline the look of everything at once

This was a TON of work for me. Check this out:



All of these sites are mine, and I've done a great deal of work to make them look uniform. The backgrounds for the non-writing sites are colored differently, yet you can see my picture and sidebar setup is all the same. The Unraveler Blog, this blog, is my most important space, so I have more links at the side. However, the rest of my sites have links that transfer over to The Unraveler Blog.

Create a name-brand that is uniquely you and differs from your name (unless you gave a weird name)

Unraveler is a weird word that is my book.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

A Song of Ice and Fire / Game of Thrones thoughts and predictions, spoilers after the pagebreak

SPOILERS AHEAD. After the jump, I will be talking about the book series called A Song of Ice and Fire. SPOILERS will be said. If you don’t want the books (all five of them!) ruined for you, then stop reading.
No, seriously. Stop reading if you don’t want spoilers. I, personally, HATE spoilers, so I’m trying to be clear that they are ahead. If you keep reading, they will come.


I just finished all five books that are currently out in the series. That’s 4273 pages of writing, and let me tell you, the font is not big. I feel like this is a major accomplishment, and there are at least two more books that are going to be released in the future. So, I thought I’d have a postmortem. What did I think? What are my theories? Etc. Etc. After the pagebreak, I will be saying all, spoilers included. 


click the pagebreak for massive spoilers